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3 hrs ago |

Don't short-cut the shortcut-in the long run, well-told stories rule SEO roost

Instead of writing in platitudes about the role that military veterans play, one Inside Edge PR client, George's CARSTAR of Chicago, secured extensive media coverage last year for its role in employing a military veteran, Chad Smolios.


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7 hrs ago | KMBC-TV

Will the earnings express lift Dow above 17K?

That's because corporate "report cards" are looming this week from the likes of Bank of America, General Electric, Google and JPMorgan Chase.


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11 hrs ago | InformationWeek

Rights are determined and held by each individual, including the right to not be in a search engine

This is not a struggle. No where in the concept of indivudal rights or the freedom of an indivudal is the existence of some public right to override or put on display anything about an individual.


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15 hrs ago |

Google silent as net neutrality hangs in balance

Since the Federal Communications Commission proposed in May to let cable and telephone companies offer special Internet fast lanes for companies willing to pay extra, lobbyists for Google haven't visited the agency to intervene, FCC records show.


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Sat Jul 12, 2014

The Washington Post

UnGoogled: The disastrous results of the 'right to be forgotten' ruling

Complying with the court's order, Google, which has received more than 70,000 "right to be forgotten" requests since May, this month began removing links to Web pages with "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant" personal information from its European sites.


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Yelp Still Isn't Happy With Google Local Search, Joins European Complaint

Yelp has become the latest company to publicly join a complaint to European regulators over the way Google chooses to promote its own services alongside those of rivals.


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So what Google is struggling?

If google has problem dealing with this, let them hire more. If it is ineffective, eventually laws will catchup.


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Beware: Google's golden goose may lay a rotten egg

Thirty-five years ago the Sex Pistols released their second album The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle.


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Tech Week: Google's World Cup Play, Amazon Sued And Kids Tracked

Summertime in the tech world has made us eager for some lighter news, which you can find below.


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Residual income on the Internet is dead: Panda killed it

The changes in Google's algorithms in recent years have gradually phased out user-generated content sites or "content farms," as they are often disparagingly referred to by critics.


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Fri Jul 11, 2014

Google expanding its San Francisco offices

Google is expanding its already sizable presence in San Francisco by leasing space in one office tower and buying another on the Embarcadero, close to a third complex where the company currently has offices overlooking San Francisco Bay, this newspaper learned Friday.


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Google Updates Maps With Gmail Invitations, Better Search

Google rolled out an update to the iOS version of its Maps app that improves search and discovery, and integrates Gmail events and reservation information.


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London firm creates mind-controlled commands for Google Glass

Forget voice commands and touch gestures: A London firm has developed a way for Google Glass users to control their devices just by thinking.


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What the Robot Apocalypse Will Mean for IT, Jobs and Work

Robots are coming, and they will eventually take many of our jobs. Before you break out the torches and pitchforks, though, think about how your skills can be applied to work that machines will never be able to do.


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Wolverton: LG's new Android smartwatch not ready to wear

Heading to a store shelf near you is a new generation of smartwatches that run new software from Google called Android Wear.


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PC World

Beyond Google, rogue digital certificates also targeted Yahoo domains, possibly others

The scope of a recent security breach at a digital certificate authority controlled by the Indian government is bigger than initially thought and also targeted domain names owned by Yahoo, in addition to several owned by Google.


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WTEN-TV Albany

Cleanup area extends nearly 2 miles after ND spill

A Silicon Valley success story turned sordid this week with the arrest of an upscale prostitute who allegedly left a Google executive dying on his yacht after shooting him up with a deadly hit of heroin.


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Google gets a helping hand from Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat

IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat and other IT vendors are lending a hand to Google to help build software that enterprises could use to manage their computerized workloads in the cloud.


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Thu Jul 10, 2014

Wall Street Journal

Google Faces New Search Complaint

An internal Yelp presentation , reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, claims that Google is showing results from its Google+ local listings ahead of links to Yelp even in cases when a Google user includes "yelp" in a search query.


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Asbury Park Press

Sex worker trade booming in Silicon ValleySex worker trade booming in ...

Sex worker trade booming in Silicon Valley For years, sex workers have been entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley that no one talks about.


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