For what I seen in the computer pictures Yerington
Is a fine town and I can t wait to visited
Someday is a beautifull town that in miles counts
Is not that far from where I lived is a few miles
After Sacramento and you already are in the state
Of Nevada by the way I live farther North in Campbell that is like an 8 or 9 give or take from
Sacramento thats not that far if we consider we got
Cars trains buses that can cut long distances to few
Hours Anyway I hope to go to Yerington as soon as I
Can By the way 21 years ago the minister of our
Church in nearby San Jose was sent to preach in
Yerington I am more than sure he is not there
Any longer but I would love to go any ways
I love the outdoors towns that are close to nature
Agricultural town is metaphoracally like goin back
In time to the frontier even better because there no
Indigenous people constantly attackin and in a
Agricultural town you can save money because you can
Raise your own food In our area we have nearby Gilroy
The garlic capital of the world and I think travel
Is pretty cool because you can know about other
Coltures and see how other people live you learn more
Than in the school even though you can learn a lot
In the school but like they say life is thye world best
School there is thing that like Sting said things
They wouldnt teach you in college