Frank Martin Koester was born 1883 in Witten/Germany.
He was the second son of Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Koester (1854–1938) and his wife Pauline Holthoff (1859–1939). After the divorce of his parents in 1890 Frank Martin and his 6 brothers and sisters must live with their “new mother”– their stepmother. In 1903 after a major conflict with his father Frank Martin left his parents home during the night and immigrated into the USA following his mother Pauline Holthoff who had left Germany already in 1890. In the USA he worked as a foundry worker. In 1912 he married Jennie Reed Edmundson in Los Angeles. He was a father of three children. He never returned to Germany. Because nobody in Germany knew his address in the USA he could not receive his inheritance. He had resided in Woodland/Washington for 43 years at Rt. 1, Box 419 and died 1967 in Vancouver, Washington, Clark County Hospital. A good friend paid the burial of Frank Martin Koester. He is buried in Woodland, Washington, Frank Abel Memorial Cemetery, Block:15, Lot: 23, Marker: y; 3819 Lewis River Road. Woodland, Washington
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