Another fine Bischoff property

Another fine Bischoff property

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West Union, OH - Corner of North and Cross St in West Union

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Corner of North and Cross St in West Union

Picture posted by Bischoff Estates on Sep 10 '10

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Falling down

Chicago, IL

#1 Sep 10, 2010
Why doesn't the village do something to get this cleaned up?!? Why won't Bischoff take care of it?$65,000 would go a long way to fixing it or tearing it down. Our county doesn't need more falling down buildings!
shut up


#2 Sep 10, 2010
Why don't you f**kin worry about yourself. The old club is about to get restored. Are you aware that while he was in jail the police did nothing to protect that building? Kids tore the damn thing up, and nobody got in trouble. They have broken the windows, stole everything that was worth a nickel, smashed the pool table, painted graffitti all over the inside,and even stole the goddamn wiring and plumbing. They have done many thousand dollars worth of damage, and are still breaking into it regularly. If you don't know what the hell you're talking about you need to shut the f*ck up. In fact I personally will be working on the building, because I intend to lease it and put a car lot between it and Davis' Barber Shop. The old club is going to be my office. So, by next year it will be back in shape.
Falling down

Chicago, IL

#3 Sep 11, 2010
That's funny. I wasn't talking about the old club. Yes, its a disgrace, but I was talking about the one at the corner of North St and Cross St (247). Topix hasnt posted it yet, so here is another pic: I drive by that piece of crap every day and get tired of looking at it. Are the cops responsible for this one falling down too?

My point is Bischoff hasn't taken care of the property he already has. Couldn't because he was in jail? Sure. Why didn't you take care of it for him if your such good buddies? Why hasn't the town done something about the falling down mess? It is hurting all of the surrounding property values.

The school board did everyone a favor by keeping Tiffin out of his hands. Legal? Don't know, don't care. Discrimination? If so then I guess not all discrimination is bad. They did everyone a favor, sorry the scum is beating them up over it.

And -- a car lot?!? My oh my how bad we need another car lot.
You are Jealous

Cincinnati, OH

#4 Sep 12, 2010
To Falling Down-------There is nothing wrong with this house (House Czar). You are jealous. Who are you to call anyone else scum? You have caused a lot of trouble for the people around you. You are a terrible neighbor and you will hurt one of the kids around you someday. Thou shalt not covet. That means anything or anybody. You are trying to degrade him and others to make yourself look as if you are a better entrepreneur than they are. HA Ha HA. Your house needs work on it. We're sick of looking at that stupid looking front yard of yours. The buzzards think its a holding pen or graveyard for their relatives. "The ROOST." YOU ARE JEALOUS!
Falling down

Denver, CO

#5 Sep 12, 2010
I suppose I am a bit jealous! And the yard could use a bit of water.

In all fairness, there are several properties around town that need attention or need to come down. I wouldn't want the people that own those to go out and buy a community asset either.

I know, Mr. Bischoff would take care of Tiffin just fine, unless he has to go back to jail. "I wanted to take care of my stuff, but they made me go to jail instead." "Not my fault my stuff is falling down, the cops made people tear it up while I was in jail." "Had to take care of my pharmaceutical interests, couldn't manage my property at the same time. We all know the real money is in the pills." Out of jail for now, so take care of what you have. Then, maybe consider buying something else to take care of.

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