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Picture posted by Ayman on Jan 16 '09

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Leiden, Netherlands

#1 Jan 17, 2009
this is true


#2 Feb 22, 2009
but completely false of course.

Holon, Israel

#3 Apr 1, 2009
Easy solution, you arabs stop shelling Israel so they wont have to make an "error". Really easy.
Maria Anastacia Estrada

Westwood, MA

#4 Aug 5, 2009
I lived through a Solomonic spell of the Jewish and got to visit a synagogue in Brookline, Massachusetts to get to know about them. The result was an attac in Haifa because of the crossing of the border while with magic of my own brought to earth when I was born or arrived; several spells were "tailored" for the Jewish to make others believe I was favoring them, OR EVEN WORST THAT i WAS A JEWISH
while they were raping and prostituting my two sons (also gods they call "masters or christs") They tailored another spell to take GAZA, but I had said, "if there is no "diaspora for the Jewish then there is Israel, but if there is, then the existence of Israel is denied in Heavens and earth.
I am not against Israel or Jewish, but of lying and using and abusing Christs of Melchizedech for false holy wars, and robbing money in the world, getting their prostitutes pregnant
and raping the holiests of Earth! I am against the bestiality of the Jewish finding a place in America and Ecuador to be within a binding contract with the witches they had created in Guayaquil. I am against the lying against GAZA and the Muslims when the Jewish are beastly
and the Americans help them be so! I am against the ways of using and abusing the minds of ours, the christs of the Line of Melchizedech. I am against Protestants teaching the Old Testament and combining their dogma in a convenient way to delude and misguide Catholics into believing that they are pagans and idolatrous! The Old Testament does not rule a Christian and does not teach one either! The New Testament alone is their Law as mine is MY LORD, Iej/YH Uuj/WH, and the Law of a Muslim is the Koran!
Maria Anastacia is my name on Earth and MY LORD said: "I have no name" He also said when I insisted asking if He was the GOD of Abraham, "I am Hashem" and showed me when I called upon Ishmael and Hagar to take human form, saying, "You have my authority" "I am your Servant" "You are mine" so Ishmael took human form in Brookline at a gas station, and Hagar in Coolidge Corner, they looked Ecuadorian to me.
This GOD Hashem is the same GOD Most High of the Christians and the Muslims, for when I commanded Mohamed to come to Earth, He showed up himself on Longwood Avenue corner and let me see his turban color and nose in a dark reddish skin tone, he was short and beautiful, quite and not looking me in the eye! But when GOD took human form, He was an old frail looking man with adorable blue eyes in a tearing look, and the vitality of a 15 y-o. GOD Most High took human form when hungry and starved by the US, I entered an Indian restaurant to beg for food because the President Bush and later Obama told me: "Dont' seek to work" "you cannot work in this country, you have too much money, and the Jewish behind you"
GOD Most High takes human form any time and so the Magic Kings whom called me: "Maria! Maria! Maria!" I am not a prostitue or a slave to be sold, but the High Commander of the House of the Lord and I will not accept people to use our minds for a tribune or a court of cosmic existence! I don't have to recognize the Jewish or the Catholics for I don't represent any of them, yet I am what I am and all that GOC Most High, I call "Iej" allows me to be!
I was born Catholic and batized as such therefore because of my rank in Heavens, the Head of all Christian churches after Immanuel, but nothing before my GOD Most High.
The Jewish are not to mix therefore I oppose their unions with Arabs and gentiles such as the Christians. This is my declaration of Truth before GOD and in His House, and to all people whom read this I grant the vision to see me as I write these words at the Public Library of Brookline, MA in the US. FOR GOD'S GLORY AND FOR HIM TO BE KNOWN AS THE ONLY ONE GOD MOST HIGH!

Muncie, IN

#5 Aug 6, 2014
What a bunch of horseshit. If anything the U.S. media is bending over backwards to show hamas (the terrorist outfit) in a good light and Israel, only trying to protect it's citizens, as the bad guys...

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