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Minneapolis, MN - The Beckles Family: A Family Legacy From Father To Son

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The Beckles Family: A Family Legacy From Father To Son

Picture posted by Augusta Chronicle on Aug 14 '13 | See all Augusta Chronicle photos

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Since: Aug 13

Augusta, GA

#1 Aug 14, 2013
Jackie Robinson statue defaced / with racial slurs:
"racism continue to grow in america!!"

Civil Rights Leaders Unite / Dr. Frank Beckles SPEAKS OUT!!

United States

Civil Rights Leaders Speak out: A statue that honors sports icon **ckie Robinson has been defaced with racial *lurs and *azi references — Despite an African-American President, racism continues to grow in America. Even racist *umb ***tards who **wardly use **ony names to conspire and attack anyone who speaks out against racism online!! Robinson broke sports' race barrier in 1947 as a member of the Dodgers, a story brought back into the mainstream recently because of the Robinson movie "42" that came out earlier this year. The film shows and history knows, Robinson had to overcome the racism of the era to become a athletic star. Racial epithets were thrown his way like they were hail. You'd like to think our society is beyond such things in 2013, but then an incident like this happens and you realize sometimes you give people too much credit. Even if just a few isolated, racist-filled ***tards are responsible, yet there are still ***tard women & men, who will say "Where is your proof?", "You're just making all of this up", and have a nerve to question anyone's credibility who speaks out against racism!?!- They are just *tupid!! And these racists are not discouraging anyone, because the Civil Rights LEGACY & it's true heroes, will carry on forever!! And no one can stop that!! Work started almost immediately to clean up the statue. When **upid **wards & racist ***tards like: The Augusta Chronicle, Dr. Janet Larson, Sarah Palin, Paula Deen, Christopher James, Kimberly Davis or Mel Gibson attack other respected African-American Heroes (like Stevie Wonder, Tiger Woods, Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., Wesley Snipes or Kobie Bryant)- they just attack themselves; they attack their own credibility, by proving to the world, how racist & ignorant they really are!! Americans, should be better than that- like the Constitution says; "All men are created equal"! When some americans become intolerant to admit or fight against racial injustice, They *amage the great reputation that This Country tries to maintain, they attack the legacy of America!! I would expect that only from *vil people, not good people- because those would be the ones, who would be smart enough to rally beside the African-American heroes!!

Since: Aug 13

Augusta, GA

#2 Aug 14, 2013
Adam Jones: Banana thrown his way at AT&T Park: Just last week, a statue of Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese in Brooklyn was vandalized with racist slurs and Hitler references. It was another reminder — like we needed one — that "post-racial America" is a fairytale until further notice.

A statue, made of stone, is bad enough. But Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles is a person, and what happened to him at AT&T Park on Sunday was just as unacceptable. Jones, who is black, said somebody threw a "banana towards my direction" in the ninth inning of Baltimore's 10-2 victory against the San Francisco Giants.

Bananas have been used, time immemorial, in racist depictions of blacks as being subhuman. In 2011, a white fan threw a banana peel at NHL player Wayne Simmonds, who is black, during a game in London, Ont. Canada.

Worse than graffiti, what happened to Simmonds and Jones is tantamount to being spat upon, with an added insult of racism. In 2013, such behavior cannot be tolerated.

Jones expressed his feelings on Twitter, using (understandably) NSFW language:

I want to thank whatever [slapd---] threw that banana towards my direction in CF in the last inning. Way to show ur class u jackass.

In a way, Jones is being kind by using a (NSFW) slang term used to describe a dunce who doesn't quite know what he or she is doing. After sending his tweet, Jones fielded replies from more ignorant fans defending the banana thrower. As a result, Jones says:

Good chance this means I get off social media soon

That would be a shame. Nobody deserves to be taunted with racism, especially not Jones, who — with the occasional exception — engages fans on Twitter and in real life in a consistently friendly way. He's not perfect, but Major League Baseball needs more guys like Jones on social media, not fewer.

Update: The Giants say, via the San Francisco Chronicle, that they're reviewing surveillance video.

Hopefully, between ballpark security cameras and any live witnesses, the Giants can figure out who threw the banana and ban him from games. He or she should be — and needs to be — embarrassed. And Adam Jones is owed an apology.

Since: Aug 13

Augusta, GA

#3 Aug 14, 2013
Letter to Channel 12 News: Parents wish to give their response on Latest Scandel with Augusta/Richmond County Public Schools!!
Augusta Concerned Parents Committe Chairman: Rev. Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., and some Richmond County Parents would like to meet with a reporter to publically give our response to the Latest Richmond County Public Schools/ Frank Roberson Scandel: Allowing Bus Drivers to abandon children, leaving one at the side of the road, and another at a bus stop!! Something needs to be done, to effect change in This Failing Richmond County/B.O.Education System of incomepetence! Roberson, publically stated "That there is no problems in Richmond County Schools"; yet, he as endorsed & supported Teachers & Principals that have done or been accused of criminal actions towards children! We need "Channel 12 on your side", to get what community leaders & parents have to say about how Frank Robinson is handling these horrible situations, dealing with our kids in our community! Roberson has also publically called protesting parents & Dr. Beckles- liars, slandered us, and ignored the mounting witness statements, petition signatures, and legal paperwork- calling for the removal of at least one of these bad & negligent Principals!! He wanted proof? The constant scandels in the news; not paying teachers, not firing criminally negligent teachers, and allowing bus drivers to abandon children!!! A few months ago, a teacher at Copeland Elementary School was arrested to locking a child in a closet! What will it take for the entire community to back -Civil Rights Advocate: Dr. Beckles, in making a positive difference in our troubled Richmond County Public Schools!?! Currently, Dr. Beckles (Committee Leader), and several parents have hired an Attorney (Travers Paine), to represent them in an upcoming class action lawsuit against The Richmond County Board of Education.

Since: Aug 13

Augusta, GA

#4 Aug 14, 2013
Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement | Captain Franklyn Victor Beckles Jr. Unknown to many, Black History is constantly being reshaped by new heroes & modern civil rights leaders; like: Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr., and his father; Professor Franklyn Victor Beckles, Sr.


Famous Civil Rights Leader Profiled All over The News & Hailed as a Hero:

The Augusta Chronicle / Janice Mathis Rainbow/PUSH Coalition: Profiles NEW HERO & Modern Civil Rights Leader- Rev. Dr. Frank V. Beckles, Jr.

Janice Mathis | Rainbow/PUSH Coalition: Profiles NEW HERO & Modern Civil Rights Leader- Rev. Dr. Frank V. Beckles, Jr. Setting The Record Straight: THE AUGUSTA CHRONICLE 6/6/2013 RETRACTION OF LIES PRINTED BY REPORTER TRACEY McManus !!!

Since: Aug 13

Augusta, GA

#5 Aug 14, 2013
THE TRUTH IS SPREADING & NEW CIVIL RIGHTS HEROES ARE SPEAKING OUT AGAINST RACISM & INJUSTICE IN THE SOUTH! The articles on Parents confronting Superintendent Roberson & the B.O.E., and Principal Kim Davis response to allegations of her misconduct (which was all proven factual in previous news reports & eye witness statements)- Kim Davis's public statement was a complete fabrication and a deliberate "Damage Control" effort, to falsely attack the character of a respected Church Leader, and social activist who was only protecting his son & defending other children who all have been mistreated or abused by disgraceful School Principal Kimberly Davis!! At first, the Local Media substantiated all of Rev. Beckles & other concerned Parents' claims of injustice by The Copeland Elementary School Principal, but on 6/5/2013, after these Parents led by Rev. Dr. Beckles marched to the B.O.E., and met with Mr. Roberson and the corrupt administrators, some of the facts, videos, statements & content was altered to make Rev. Beckles & the concern parents an appear dishonest or taking advantage of immoral school officials?!?
WJBF, WFXG, and The Augusta Chronicle- all omitted facts, footage, threats by Roberson, and recorded statements proving that Dr. Beckles & the other parents was telling the truth and presented evidence during their meeting with Roberson & the B.O.E., at NO time did the News accurately report the Historic Civil Rights March or Parents confronting a disreputable Superintendent! And refused to report or print that Rev. Beckles & the parents DID have & presented documented proof, along with a petition of over 300 signatures to back up their claims! Instead, false or misleading reports about another petition (which was never produced) was presented to keep Kim Davis from being removed, and photos of Davis's Supporters, was reported that they were parents, when most of the people were in fact; Copeland Elementary Employees, and their Leader PTA President Woolfolk was a fraud (no one as ever heard about him and he is under investigation for embezzling PTA funds)!!

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