35W Bridge in Minneapolis on August 1st

35W Bridge in Minneapolis on August 1st

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Minneapolis, MN - In recognition of marriage equality in Minnesota starting August 1st the Interstate 35W bridge in downtown Minneapolis Minnesota

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In recognition of marriage equality in Minnesota starting August 1st the Interstate 35W bridge in downtown Minneapolis Minnesota

Picture posted by Marriage Equality on Aug 05 '13

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Marriage Equality

Dallas, TX

#1 Aug 5, 2013
Weddings often begin after the appointed time, but this one was almost too early: If Margaret Miles and Cathy ten Broeke pledged their troth before the big clock on the Minneapolis City Hall tower struck Midnight, it wouldn’t count.

My cellphone said it was 11:58 p.m. Minnesota’s historic same-sex marriage law — passed by the Legislature last spring after a tumultuous year of angry debate and a popular uprising that finally put marriage equality on the statute books — wouldn’t take effect until the calendar turned from July to August, opening a new chapter in Minnesota history.

So with one eye on the time and another on the lovely couple — resplendent in red and black gowns and with their precocious 5-year-old, Louie, mugging at the crowd that jammed the City Hall atrium around the 1906 sculpture of Mississippi: Father of Waters — Mayor R.T. Rybak stalled for time.

Ten Broeke and Miles had descended the marble steps at 11:30 p.m. to a brass quintet’s rendition of The Beatles’“All You Need Is Love.” Rybak and a rabbi already had shared their thoughts on the power of love and the necessity of equality before the law. And Rybak, playing Minnesota’s Marrying Sam, had already kicked off a night-long marriage marathon — 63 couples were queued up to marry before dawn — by administering the vows, traditional with the historic exception that both parties had agreed to take the other as their “lawfully wedded wife.”

The women — accomplished, articulate, attractive — could be on a poster for same-sex marriage rights as the campaign continues to bring marriage equality to the 38 states where it still is unrecognized. They had a commitment ceremony 12 years ago, a commitment that has outlasted many traditional marriages but which was not recognized in the law. Last night — wearing the same dresses they wore in 2001 – they filled in the blanks on a marriage license, and made it official.

They embraced, kissed, cried…and waited and waited and waited for two minutes more — minutes that might have seemed almost as long as the decades of organizing, campaigning, fighting for this night. All that remained was the mayor’s pronouncement that they were now legally wed. But that had to wait for the midnight hour to arrive.

Rybak checked the time and said,“We will talk about this for a couple minutes,” bringing laughter from the crowd that had been holding its collective breath. There was a brief musical interlude as Minnesota bid farewell to the old days of legal oppression and rejection and a new era began to be born. Rybak checked the time again. It was here.

“By the power now finally vested in me by the laws of the people of Minnesota,” he declared loudly,“Margaret and Cathy are legally married.”

It was time to kiss the brides. Minneapolis City Hall burst into cheers, the right to marry was extended to all, the long and difficult fight for human rights, dignity and equality had accomplished another milestone and love was the law. It was a night to remember, and to put in the history books.

The celebrations had begun four hours earlier at the Wilde Roast restaurant, a place with a wall-sized portrait of Oscar Wilde, wit, raconteur and doomed lover whose object of desire famously called same-sex attraction,“The love that dare not speak its name.” Last night, love was shouted to the rooftops.

The Dixie Cups’“Chapel of Love” was on the sound system, couples danced and hugged and laughed, politicians –mostly Democrats but including a sprinkling of Republicans — vied for attention, wedding cake (courtesy of General Mills) was being sliced up, and “I Do” cupcakes were being handed out.

“I Do,” as in the marriage vow. But the prevailing mood was more like:“We Did!”…

Lombard, IL

#2 Aug 5, 2013
Liberty and justice for ALL - it's about time!

Grantsburg, WI

#4 Aug 6, 2013
cantmakeitup wrote:
Even conservatives are coming around. Equality for all!
How is your "Dogs are People TOO!" Campaign going?.

Whatta ya figure, about 20 years or so and your Dog will be allowed consent to marry you?

How long will it take for Amerika to "Progress" to where your "Love Life" will not be judged by your neighbors?

When will Amerika come around!

Grantsburg, WI

#6 Aug 6, 2013
cantmakeitup wrote:
<quoted text>
Another example of irrational thinking from a bigoted racist that doesn't believe that blacks or women should be allowed to vote.

I have not heard that kind of Projection and derision since the 4th Grade.


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