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London, KY - oBAMA

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Picture posted by The Real Just Me on Feb 29 '12 | See all The Real Just Me photos

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Manchester, KY

#1 Mar 5, 2012
I see my Reagan in the back ground:)

East Bernstadt, KY

#2 Mar 5, 2012
Is Teddy applauding? What the hell is this?

Cynthiana, KY

#3 Mar 5, 2012
Sexy Ear's!
Media censoring crimes

Denver, CO

#4 Mar 6, 2012
When news is censored, you dont know what you are missing. I have frequently posted articles relating to the bias of the mainstream media when it comes to reporting incidents involving racial violence and hate crimes, which raises the question of whether commenting on black racism constitutes white racism.
I think not, although the MSM would beg to differ and unless propaganda now trumps honesty.
Various members of the MSM have even admitted their censorship of news and defended the practice on the theory that they are preserving social harmony by selectively editing news stories, not publishing the whole truth, or by totally ignoring racist crimes.
In fact, they are instilling a distrust of all media on the part of those aware of the censorship–as well as shirking their journalistic responsibility and subverting journalistic ethics.
Last week, yet another blatant instance of racially-inspired hatred occurred in Kansas City, Missouri although, based on the coverage the story has received, few people will ever hear of it.
A 13 year old, white, eighth-grade boy was heading home from classes at Kansas City’s East High School two blocks away. He almost made it safely.
He was followed by two older, black males who, according to his mother, may have been students at East Hills. They accosted him on his doorstep, poured gasoline on him and set him ablaze.
He managed to extinguish the flames but suffered first degree burns on his face and possible injury to his lungs and eyes and spent hours in a hospital burn unit.
The attack was horrendous enough, the media coverage almost worse.
The boy’s mother told police that one of the assailants said,“This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.” The police are “investigating” to determine if the assault is a hate crime.
KMBC-TV reported the mother’s statement fairly accurately but omitted mentioning the race of the attackers. The report added that the child would not return to East Hills, the family would have to move out of the neighborhood, and now her 5 year old daughter is fearful that she, too, will be set afire.( http://bit.ly/z0j6IT )
Media censoring crimes

Denver, CO

#5 Mar 6, 2012
P2 Other media, true to form, have also either doctored the facts of the obvious hate crime or failed to cover it at all.
NewAmerican.com ’s Selwyn Duke sees the same media pattern that I do.
He notes that Fox 4 Kansas City quoted the mother as saying her family was told by police “It’s a hate crime” without describing the haters and KCTV 5 reported that the victim was white and the assailants black but left out the “white boy” part of her statement.( http://bit.ly/wLrYax )
There is indeed a clear pattern to PC journalism today.
The renowned black scholar, Prof. Walter E. Williams, has pointed out that reality on numerous occasions in which he has criticized media misrepresentations and sanitizing of criminal behavior of African-Americans, going so far as to state:“Most racist assaults are committed by blacks.”
Meanwhile, the ever-so-sanctimonious MSM continues to repress the truth. As documented in previous articles in this blog, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and their ilk routinely spew racial hatred; Michelle Obama is permitted to suggest a racist component in virtually every critique of her husband; Charles Barkley is allowed to ridicule white people on SNL; and Samuel L. Jackson is lauded for admitting he voted for Obama on the sole basis that he was black.
Were any of those scenarios reversed, for example, a white athlete mocking black people or any white man proudly saying he voted for McCain because he was caucasian, they would be roundly castigated as racists.
So, too, would any media reporting that a defenseless white child was senselessly attacked, doused with gasoline, and set on fire by two older black teens.
The vast majority of African-Americans are good, law-abiding citizens. However, there is something gravely wrong in America and in the mainstream media on the issue of race relations. It’s not only wrong to conceal the truth about black crime, it’s evil since the lies and subterfuge can only result in exacerbation of tensions between the races.
If those contentions are deemed racist, so be it.

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