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Eagle Pass, TX - Stop PIPA & SOPA!

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Picture posted by Devil on Jan 20 '12

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Chicago, IL

#2 Feb 10, 2012
i wounder what would happen if somebody filed for copy rights to the random family photos on face book could they then sue them for money or demand a fee to allow them to post their own photos

just what we need more ways for the dirty bastards to tell us no you can not do that

imagine being forced to pay 25 dollars an image you chose to upload to face book or get sued

soppa needs to be stopped at all costs but even still if they make it law do we have to respect it

can we as a society downgrade the status of congress to that of a members only club where meet and talk and nobody cares nobody listens

i wounder what would happen if we did that

if they wrote it into law that male tsa agents have the right/responsibility pre pubescent girls with their penis does that mean we would have to accept it

well they would never write a law like that as we would never accept it even if the supreme court upheld it

how ever many would accept the wording of as the agents see fit

so searching a young girls vaginal area inside and out for 20 minutes with ones fingers would be acceptable to many as in they will just lie down and take it not saying they would like or approve of it while others might come back and shoot the agent in the head or die trying

so this is a war on freedom make no mistake about that and we are blind solders most of us not knowing we are serving as our prison guards

now how many would let that guy shoot the tsa agent in the head if they knew what he did to a young girls and has the system standing behind him approving of his actions at every level

well imagine that level of abuse of power running rampant and common at every level government does a court house become a place of debate or just target of war or some place in the middle

i can not say i know for sure

at one time war almost did not exist and then it was over food then soon it was for freedom

recently in 1800s war was men lining up large rows to shot at the other side and be shot at

then we have trench war fare then we had computerized war fare with bombs that fly them selves to a target and now we clearly have a new form of war a stealth war where the acts of war them selves are hidden in plan site of the opposing army and the opposing side helps in their defeat

turn in your neighbor as he walked home with a 20 ounce bottle of soda drain cleaner and a roll of foil he is making bomb

its that simple distilled water is not needed city tap water will likely do as well

so if you recycle soda cans and drive you rust bucket does that make safe robber

if you look into this report everything propaganda ya they want it to go that far

i might add you can do allot more then bust safes with that stuff you can weld heavy steel almost instantly as train tracks and lets say an anvil

the real danger is that no amount of tracking any amount of materials will prevent an act of terr an explosive can be made from urine

just dry it out until it becomes a really sticky mess then one spark and boom

i found this out when my cat pissed on a outlet it blew a knock out out of the box and split the outlet in two when unplugging something

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