Bikies Protest Law in Adelaide

Bikies Protest Law in Adelaide

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Adelaide, Australia - © 2009 Michael Clements

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© 2009 Michael Clements

Picture posted by Michael Clements on May 15 '09

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“common sense isn't common”

Since: Oct 11

Adelaide, Australia

#1 Oct 7, 2011
You can go your whole life in Adelaide and never see a seen like this, sorry if it gives you the wrong impression. The Bikies are on the war path but they only see each other not us.

Surrey Downs, Australia

#2 Oct 19, 2011
I hate them because of their bloody Harleys which are too noisy and spread vibrations into houses.

This whole mentality of creating noise to annoy others is really puerile and for the noise level alone, they ought to be fined and fined again. I don't care if they shoot each other or even each other's children (when you go sleep with dogs, you wake up with flees), but the deliberate intimidation they spread through noise is really annoying.

If the government were genuine, they'd enforce noise standards. That'll thin them out by half and the remaining half we can live with. After all, when people come out of jail they need to go somewhere and a bikie clubhouse is about the only place they are welcome.


#3 Dec 30, 2011
bikie's so gay...they are like kids who make up gangs and think they are tough.

I laughed seeing that gaylord Comanchero arrested.

I always swerve for bikies

“Piss the Queen off Our coins!”

Since: Nov 11


#4 Dec 31, 2011
Yep.. Bikies are poofters... they deserve to be targeted. They peddle their disgusting drugs to our kids.. If I were premier, Id be funding the police to target Gangs - Abo, Lebo, Bikie any scumbag gang that tries to sell drugs, steal, deceive, cheat, extort etc.. out of the rest of us.. they are a scourge on society that should be excised.
Aussie Bob

Adelaide, Australia

#5 Jan 4, 2012
I am getting sick and tired of seeing those queer faggots hanging around in packs everywhere..

A law should be passed where we can neuter them (chemically/physically castrate) after their third offense..

All the most feral & nasty blokes I have met wanted to be poofter bikies..

Actually watch the way they interact with oneanother, a lot of them clearly like it up the arse..

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